Thomas Page Dances workshop – an observer’s account

By Leslie Tompkins –

By prior arrangement I visited Thomas Page Dances workshops for professional dancers at HMG performance space Friday 14th Dec 2018

Unable to attend as a professional dancer I went as an enthusiastic community dancer to observe

Lead by Thomas, the 3 male & 5 females went through an extensive warm-up followed by a thorough body conditioning that was exhausting to watch.

A number of fast paced sets follwed; they merged into one routine that would have tested the fittest of athletes with the physicality and repetition.

To observe the level of movement was impressive. While I could relate to some of the vertical and some of the floor moves, the transitions between the two planes was just breathtaking.

During their well-earned break both Thomas and Jazzula, their company administrator, talked openly to me about their practice, hopes, and aspirations.

In summary, it was an experience not to be missed and one to be recommended to younger dancers aspiring to perform at a professional level.

Session time: approx 1.5hrs