Book now for Dance Scratch Tue 21 Nov

Book your tickets now for the next ODF hosted Dance Scratch at Arts at the Old Fire Station 7.30pm on Tue 21 November 2023. Featuring new works in progress from local dance artists Helen Edwards & Neo Cartouche, Chloe Kitching, Kavya Iyer Ramalingam and our regional guest Laura D’Italia 

Tickets £5

Oxford Dance Forum are delighted to host an evening of new ideas and invite feedback,  comments and discussion from the audience at the OFS. We have three local and one guest regional maker sharing work ranging in styles from Butoh, Bharatanatyam (South Asian classical dance), Contemporary and Freestyle.

Helen Edwards & Neo Cartouche – Enchanting Wood, Echoes of Yugen

Through Butoh dance we are investigating a range of Japanese aesthetics. In this piece we explore the essence of Yugen, a sense of mysterious profundity and beauty which may be felt when contemplating the subtleties of life that lie in the spaces between the visible and the invisible.

Laura D’Italia – Alexa the robot

The choreography has been created based on the idea of exploring and representing the movements of artificial intelligence and robots. I have used an industrial /electronic sound track and for the performance as a work in progress. I would research the idea of the soloist becoming human at times – I intend also to represent the robot breaking and finally shutting down.

Kavya Iyer Ramalingam – (Don’t) Tell me what Bharatanatyam is

In this piece, I would like to challenge the ideas of classicism, religiosity and rigidity that are usually associated with South Asian dance forms such as Bharatanatyam. Digging deeper, I seek to explore what Bharatanatyam means to me at its core: ancient yet contemporary, local yet global, rigid yet fluid, and based on myths but also carving the space for real lives and stories.

Chloe Kitching – A Moment In Time

This dance performance is about pausing in a single moment in time to reflect on what one is going to accomplish in the future. But for now it’s accepting the moment of uncertainty and self doubt and simply just being and existing in the depth of it all. The performance is about showing to everyone that even when life gets busy, chaotic and you want to accomplish everything you have planned, it’s also ok to just be and exist with no expectations.