Dance Scratch 5 Oct

We’re looking forward to hosting another Dance Scratch at Arts at the Old Fire Station on Wed 5 October at 7.30pm. This time we have 4 acts so there will be time for an interval as well as discussion after each piece. Tickets are on sale only £5 book here. Artists showing work are Andy Solway, Ayala Kingsley, Dew Dance and Ségolène Tarte. Here’s a little more info about the works in progress they will be sharing:

Andy Solway: 66 Dances – a fragment

Andy Solway has been creating improvised performances since the 1980s. The pieces in this Scratch Night are fragments from a two-day performance planned for later this year. 66 Dances is a challenge, a taking stock, an artistic collaboration, and a reflection on the world over the past 66 years. On 2 December, Andy will be 66. Over 2 days, 2 and 3 December, at Littlemore Church, he will perform 66 dances, supported by an amazing group of dancers, musicians and other collaborators.

Ayala Kingsley: Intermediary

This piece came out of Café Reason’s ‘Starting from Zero’ lockdown project, where I experimented with using everyday materials and objects to explore states of relationship, restriction, and transformation. It was then developed for our Virtual Diamond Night in March within the theme of ‘Hidden’.

Dew Dance: Under the treetops

Under the treetops is a contemporary dance performance, celebrating nature and the significance of trees, intertwined with stories of the community. Performed by Dew Dance, we explore how trees signify growth, sustain life and are a place of shelter. Trees are home. Originally choreographed for bespoke outdoor spaces, Under the treetops is undergoing further development and adaptation for stage. Read more about Under the treetops

Ségolène Tarte: Peregrine Suite (Excerpts; Work in Progress)

Different times, different places, different states of minds… There are so many ways to travel! Dedicated to all who yearn for travel, and particularly to those who find themselves constrained to traveling in their imaginations, “Peregrine Suite” is an evocation of travels in time, in space, and in minds; it spins a tale of connections with others, with the self, and with the wondrous. Let yourself be carried along this semi-improvised ambulation across ballet, butoh, and, contemporary; follow the spinners of tales…