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Please note as ALL venues are currently closed some of the classes listed below may be running online/virtually instead. Please check the company website if not clear from information below. You can also check the Dancin Oxford website for further locally based online classes / opportunities.



Justice in Motion offer regular classes in contemporary dance and body work in Oxford, taught by professional and experienced instructors. Our classes are fun and energetic – and although also technical, the emphasis is on the enjoyment of dance and movement & the freedom to express. MORE DETAILS

June 29, 2020 to September 6, 2020

Dance Beginners / Mon 5-6pm – Contemporary Dance / Tue 6.30-7.30pm, Wed 4-5pm, Sat 10-11am, Sun 12pm – Body Work / Thu 1-2pm 

Suggested £8-10/class / donations via:

14 years+

If you would like to join the classes, please send a quick email to – and you will be added to the mailing list, and sent the login details.

Justice in Motion currently offer 6 classes weekly, which are open to anyone and for all levels. Make sure the space you use is clear of obstacles for you to stand up, and if possible laying down and at least two steps space in all directions.

For more details visit the website:

Classes are given on the online platform Zoom, which is accessible from your phone, tablet or computer.

Contemporary Dance / Tue 6.30-7.30pm (with Annabel)
Annabel’s Tuesday evening class gradually builds in intensity, facilitating releasing the day’s tension and building strength. The class works the whole body and includes some inversions. We end with a longer sequence that invites dancers to add their own twist. Although the class contains some technical exercises, the focus is on expression and enjoying the movement!

Contemporary Dance / Wed 4-5pm (with Miles)
This exploratory open-level class plays with different textures and qualities in the body, whilst also using conditioning and training exercises to keep fit and mobile. The emphasis in this class is to create an open-minded body that approaches movement from a variety of angles, giving us alternative possibilities and ideas to apply to our own ways of moving. Although a smaller space may limit our way of moving, we want to keep hold of the sensations felt whilst moving openly and with others.

Body Work / Thu 1-2pm (with Gemma)
This Body Work class aim to asses or improve posture, flexibility, and promotes awareness of the body-mind connection. As a basis, Gemma uses Klein, Alexander and release techniques. This is a focused practice that concludes with a more dynamic improvisation, taking explored sensations into the space. Occasionally we work our body with massage balls, so have them ready, just in case!

Contemporary Dance / Sat 10-11am (with Annabel)
Annabel’s Saturday morning class includes a full body warmup and technique enhancing exercises to upbeat music, with a little bit of cardio for good measure. This class regularly includes some jumping. Dancers of all levels of experience will find something to challenge them. End of class sequences will be shorter with set rhythms. This is a fun and sweaty dance class – a great start to the day.

Contemporary Dance / Sun 12-1pm (with Miles)
This dynamic open-level class with Miles, maintains a similar structure to the Wednesday class but has a greater focus on doing and dancing, moving with different phrases of movement and creating a fun atmosphere. Although a smaller space may limit our way of moving, we want to keep hold of the sensations felt whilst moving openly and with others. Take care of yourself and see you there!

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Contemporary dance classes. Now running sessions online. For more information please visit  or contact Ellie at or on 07907555135



Currently teaching classes Monday/Thursday via Zoom Email for more details.

Term dates and any schedule changes are posted on the Ballet in Small Spaces blog:

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CAFÉ REASON – Butoh Classes

Currently sharing online creative tasks and meeting via zoom Bite Size Butoh

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