Recipients of Evolution Awards

Award Recipients

Tier 1 2017 – 2018

Hannah Ballard – this financial support will help Hannah attend ‘The Performers Playground’ ( training programme. This will help her, and therefore her company Sole Rebel Tap, explore creating work that puts tap dance in a theatre setting.

Roosa Leimu-Brown –  Will be expanding her experience in working creatively with older people with the aim of  establishing her role as an expert in leading dance for older people in my community. The funding will allow her to gain valuable new experience in working with older people and children, and would also build new creative collaboration with other local artists.

Paulette Mae – will be able to purchase specialist sound equipment for the purpose of exploring live and recorded  interactions between the body, objects and environment for her performance project letters in the rain – an interdisciplinary solo exploring weather and impact (inadvertently being affected and effecting) through alternative voices – wet feet, the rain in love, earth, an immortal jellyfish and a waterworld rising. 

Jenny Parrot – will be able to participate in the SDIPT course at Dance Research Studio which will give her an opportunity to develop my skills and ideas as a performer/maker and bring her work to a wider peer group/audience
beyond the familiar friends in the Oxford dance scene.

Segolene Tarte – this award allows Segolene to jumpstart R&D in the studio for “body-no-body”.
“body-no-body” is a solo piece that aims to interrogate how the process of living and ageing modifies perceptions of body and of personal nourishment; it aims to explore ways of navigating this ever-changing physical and psychological landscape.

Andrew Wood – the funding will give Andrew the confidence to dance in a performance setting.  It will also allow him to work with a choreographer and produce a choreographed work – something which he’s not previously undertaken.  He will work with a choreographer (Jennifer Stokes) and dance artist (Naomi Morris) to create a series of duets (sketches) which blend Morris Dancing and Contact Improvisation in a project called Morris Remade (working title).

Tier 1 2017 – 2018

Emma-Jane Grieg – the award will go towards organising Mental Health Awareness Training in Sport and Physical Activity, for twenty local Oxford-based dance artists which aims to raise awareness of mental health, and to understand and recognise the causes, symptoms and support options for a range of common and less-common mental health problems in young people.

Joe Lott – funding  will be being used as seed money for a large scale project,  involving a tour of 3 artists’ work to venues in the South. The project aims to foster connections between dance artists across the southeast and develop the creative practices and skillsets of those taking part. The initial seed money will go towards computer hardware to enable Lott to launch the project.

Joelle Pappas – the award funded an intensive course in Mindfulness at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (Oxford University) as a preliminary R&D for a new choreographic project.

Sole Rebel Tap –  the award will support Co-Directors; Hannah Ballard and Lexi Bradburn to undertake physical theatre workshops at ‘Physical Fest’, Liverpool.

Andrew Wood will attend Contact meets Contemporary 2017 and bring the teaching back to Oxford. (Andrew’s blog and reporting).

Tier 1 2016 – 2017

Marina Collard –  funded research for Dream Clean an enquiry into visibility/invisibility in relation to how spaces and places are viewed, felt and inhabited and the physicality of the body and its role within a choreographic framework including different art forms (photography, video and sound). website

Euton Daley – the award enabled the employment of  Bawren Tavaziva as mentor and choreographic dramaturg whilst developing the narrative for #BlackLivesMatter. website

Dance Creative (Angela Conlon & Rhonda Sparrey) – the award will fund R&D for a new work which will explore many of the issues people with early dementia and their carers experience. website

Justice in Motion & Uusikuu – to help development of Kaiho, a cross-art collaboration  combining contemporary dance and vintage live music to interpret the lives and experiences of expatriate women. website

Miranda Laurence – funded the course Relational Dynamics First, an interactive, practice based course covering an eclectic mix of skills, action learning, group exchange and investigation relating to coaching and leadership.

Naomi Morris – will  continue working with Hugh Prior  investigating distorting and abstracting the naked human form with light, lens and computer generated post production effects. website

Claire Murray – funded a diploma from Green Candle Dance to work with older people.

TIER 1  2016 -2017

Sarah Hymans – funded further training in Helen Pynor’s Walk of Life programme exploring non-stylised environmental movement practice.

Roosa Leimu-Brown – funded a diploma from Green Candle Dance to work with older people. website

Paulette Mae –  an interdisciplinary dance project based on the weather – funding was awarded for work with a dramaturg. website

TIER 2 2017 – 2018

Euton Daley – Funding to develop and produce a protest-for-change style of performance consisting of three distinct but interwoven elements, which can be performed separately or together.

Adrienne Hart -Funding to support  2 x 2-week residencies at DanceXchange &  Swindon Dance to develop Mahajanaka, her new work into a full-length 60-minute production.

Miranda Lawrence – Funding to work with Cecilia Macfarlane and Ana Barbour  at Pavilion Dance South West, to help develop her dramaturgy practice.

Lunas Dance – Funding will enable the project ‘There Are No Such Words’ to develop towards becoming a contemporary dance piece, using influence from the Oxford community and involving Oxford-based dancers.

Anja Meinhardt – Funding will allow her to work towards an Aerial Teacher Qualification which she intends to teach in Oxford.

TIER 2 – 2016- 2017

Anuradha – funding to explore and deconstruct kathak to core movement, rhythm and emotion. website

Emma-Jane Greig – funding for her company Body Politic to work with a lighting designer and develop technical aspects for the show Reflections. website

Adrienne Hart – Funding will allow research with music producer Sebastian Reynolds facilitating a new work based on Jataka mythology. website

Anja Meinhardt – funding to support multi-disciplinary project between Justice in Motion & Marieke van Houte on migration. website


Naomi Morris – Funding to enable her to work with Sonia Boue as mentor on a new projecy. Sonia is multiform autistic artist specialising in installation, video and performance as well as paint and object work.